And the Mets Do… Nothing

High Noon was 4pm Saturday — the non-waiver trade deadline. It came and went with nary a whimper from the New York Mets. The Mets stood pat while everyone around them made trades in an effort to get better. Omar Minaya is apparently happy with the team he assembled.

Make no mistake, none of the trades made Saturday will be world-changers. Those blockbusters (Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Dan Haren) were made earlier in the month. These were deals to make their teams a little bit better. And with the Mets doing nothing, teams that were already better than the Mets pulled that much more ahead of them.

minayaIt appears Minaya was working the phones all morning and afternoon. He reportedly offered Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo to the Cubs for Carlos Zambrano — a “your trash for our trash” proposition. The Cubs said no, reportedly not wanting to take Castillo and his barely-to-the-outfield-grass power. This would have been a good one for the Mets. Zambrano is a handful, but he’s still got talent. When he’s on, he’s an ace. Perez and Castillo are just dead weight, although to be fair Castillo has improved considerably since his nightmare first full season with the team, when he was injured half the time, and looked disinterested when he did take the field.

Remember when Steve Phillips offered Darryl Hamilton and Dennis Cook to the Dodgers for a still-in-his-prime Gary Sheffield? Well, the Astros reportedly made a similarly ridiculous offer to the Mets — Bobby Parnell and Josh Thole for Brett Myers. I don’t think I would have traded those two for Roy Oswalt, let alone for a far inferior pitcher in Myers.  Had Minaya made that deal he would have deserved far more than being fired — I’m thinking a public hanging from his ankles a la Mussolini, complete with rock throwing, torch-bearing Mets fans.

The Pirates also wanted to send former Met Octavio Dotel back to Flushing in exchange for a lefty pitcher named Robert Carson. I don’t know anything about this Carson character, but one scout called him “a sleeper,” so it was probably a good thing that Minaya turned this deal down as well.

I think other GMs sensed the Mets desperation and figured they would try to extort Minaya. But to his credit, Minaya said no. That’s all the credit he gets, however.

Minaya earlier said he didn’t want to make a trade “for the sake of making a trade.” On the surface I agree with this strategy. But what kind of a message does it send to the fans by doing nothing? Other teams were able to pull off deals that make them marginally better. Why couldn’t the Mets? Perhaps they are unwilling to take on even a dime of extra payroll. Perhaps the Mets value their prospects very highly, and don’t want to let them go. Or perhaps aside from the top tier prospects, the Mets have no one that any other team wants. 

Whatever the reason, it’s more of the same from the Mets — nothing. And we’re getting damn tired of it.

2 thoughts on “And the Mets Do… Nothing

  • August 2, 2010 at 9:19 am

    It is obvious that the Mets have serious cash flow problems. Bernie Madoff, etc.. AND their attendance will continue to drop. Their attendance dropped 18% last year – the largest decrease in the major leagues. First of all when they opened Citi-Field they tried to fleece their fans, then the economy tanked and finally the team stunk. Now they are in the midsts of tanking again so here is what I would propose:

    I think it is time to make some bold moves – how about moving Mike Pelfrey? The guy is a head case. His value will never be higher than it is right now. His contract is low and he can win some games, so I’d move him ASAP for some good young prospects.

    Next, they have to eat Ollie’s contract. The guy sucks. Period.

    As a matter of fact how about bringing up Pat Misch, move Taka to the bullpen and releasing Ollie.

    Next dump Cora, Tatis, and Castillo. How about playing Ruben Tajeda (the 20 year old kid)? AND give the majority of starts to the young kid Thole behind the plate. This offseason get a second baseman who can actually hit the ball out of the infield.

    Lose the NY Giants gold and black colors ringing the outfield fences. I thought the Mets colors were royal blue? How about moving the field out about 5 to 10 feet and lower the fences so our guys who play 82 games in this abortion of a ballpark can hit some homeruns.

    In addition, I’d fire Manuel (and his hearty laugh) as well as the rest of the coaching staff and it goes without saying that Omar goes as well.

    Finally, keep that spoiled brat Jeff Wilpon Jr. away from everybody. Let him park cars in the valet section if daddy thinks he needs a job.

  • August 4, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    JJ, I agree with everything you said. Perez and Castillo have to go — not only for the improvement of the team, but for publicity purposes. Mets fans just hate those guys.

    I’ve been advocating Misch’s call-up since the season began.

    Cora is pretty much useless, and Tatis is on the DL, probably never to return. The young guys they have on the bench now are much better than the tired veterans that started the season on the roster.

    Unfortunately, the Mets strong showing at home has probably deluded the Wilpons into thinking the stadium is good as is. It is not. The left field fence needs to be chopped, and the plate brought in 10 feet.

    Jeff Wilpon is James Dolan, just thinner. Too bad Fred won’t fire his son when he eventually tosses Minaya and Manuel.

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