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Not Even .500

The Mets lost to the Brewers Thursday night for their 82nd loss, which means the Mets won’t even finish .500 this season. And that is an absolute disgrace.

.500 means nothing, really. Either way, it was a waste of a season, except for a couple of bright spots (Dickey, Pagan, Davis, Niese, Pelfrey, and, uh, that’s it).  But it would have been nice not to have a losing record. But I guess that just confirms what we already know  — this was a loser of a team.

NEW YORK METS V BREWERS SIt should not have been. With the payroll and the talent, this should have been a winning team. And you can’t blame injuries this time around. Last year, yes, but not this season. Pagan filled in admirably for Beltran, and by the time Bay got injured, his season was already lost. Santana went down when the Mets were dead in the water.

Besides, the Phillies lost Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard to injury at various times throughout the season, and they managed to pull it all together and finish with the best record in the National League, maybe in all of baseball when it is all said and done.

Mets fans are used to disappointment. We really don’t ask for much. As the Mets fell out of the playoff hunt, all we asked for was a winning record. And they couldn’t even give us that.

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