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Shameful: Jose Reyes Gets Hit, Leaves Game

Wednesday’s final game of the season may have also been Jose Reyes’s final game in a Mets uniform. The fans who showed up at Citi Field were likely planning on giving him a standing ovation every time he came to the plate in an effort to show their love and persuade him to stay. People watching on television were hoping to enjoy what could be his final Mets moments. We never even got a chance.

Reyes led off the bottom of the first with a bunt single, then suddenly jogged off the field and into the dugout (below). In stunning fashion his game was over, his season was over, perhaps his Mets career was over.


The hit raised his NL-leading average to .337, meaning Ryan Braun will have to go 3-3 or 3-4 tonight to top him for the batting crown. So Reyes will likely win the batting title, but in shameful fashion.

If it were anybody but a Mets player, I would be praying that Braun has the best  night of his career and snatches the crown. But of course I cannot.

I don’t know whose decision it was for him to come out of the game, Reyes or Terry Collins. I don’t know if Reyes’s tender hamstring felt a little funny and he was just protecting his career and impending free agency. Whatever the reason, I don’t like it. Stay on the field and play, and earn your batting title like a man.

Otherwise, it was a good final game. The Mets won 3-0 on a two-hit shutout by Miguel Batista. But the Reyes thing just left a bad taste in my mouth.

2 thoughts on “Shameful: Jose Reyes Gets Hit, Leaves Game

  • Patti Nelson

    I have been a life-long devoted Met’s fan and I’ve always respected Jose Reyes until last night. Met’s fans have stuck with him through all his ups and downs as a player and he showed me last night that it’s. all about the money & not about the game! He should join the Yankees. Adios Jose! Shame on you!!!

  • if reyes doesn’t stay with the mets, then i’m disappointed by this. it’s a horrible way to go out if that’s the case. if he plans on staying in ny, then i don’t see the big deal with it. reyes had control of the batting title, so he put it on braun’s shoulders to beat him, and braun took an 0-fer the last day. if reyes is coming back, then it’s like it didn’t even happen. people will forget how it happened, but won’t forget who won the first mets batting title. I just think people are blowing it out of proportion when it wasn’t a big deal to begin with

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