David Wright Sent to NY for Treatment

Well, this can’t be a good sign — the Mets have sent David Wright to New York for treatment on his injured rib cage. Excellent, because you know what kind of great medical care Mets players get there.

wrightSandy Alderson said Wright will get an “ultrasound-guided cortisone” shot during his mini-vacation to the city.

Wright has yet to play in an exhibition game and the Mets said he won’t do so until next weekend at the earliest. That was before they booked Wright’s flight, so who knows now?

Wright is one of three Mets players (Scott Hairston and Kirk Nieuwenhuis) who have suffered from rib/oblique injuries this spring.

“You better believe it’s troubling,” Terry Collins said. “And we have no answers. They’re in a lot of camps. (Marlins manager) Ozzie (Guillen) tells me they’ve got it in their camp… This didn’t happen 20 years ago.”

Did we even have obliques 20 years ago? Now everybody seems to be injuring them, and if the past is any indication (Jason Bay, Angel Pagan), it takes about a month to recover from them.

The Mets can’t afford to lose Wright for any length of time once the season starts. The Mets depth, if you can call it that, at all positions is very shallow, so any starter who goes down will leave a big hole in an already-suspect lineup.

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