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Look Who's Number One!

Look Who’s Number One!

It’s the Mets, sitting atop the National League East, a half game ahead of the Phillies. If this recent surge is a mirage, then this might be the only chance I get to write this. But if the Mets are for real, this is something we could get used to. What a difference a week […]

The Mets at (Almost) 20

The Mets at (Almost) 20

When everyone was saying it was imperative that the Mets get off to a fast start, Jerry Manuel downplayed that, saying “let’s see where we are after 20 games.” Well, if it weren’t for Monday’s rainout, we’d be at 20 games right now. Win or lose the first game the doubleheader with the Dodgers, the […]

THE Review: "Bottom of the Ninth"

THE Review: “Bottom of the Ninth”

I just read a book with the unfortunately long title of “Bottom of the Ninth: Branch Rickey, Casey Stengel, and the Daring Scheme to Save Baseball From Itself” by Michael Shaprio that is a must-read for Mets fans. While the book does not talk about the team hardly at all, it does tell the story […]

We Like... I Refuse to Say It!

We Like… I Refuse to Say It!

I refuse to finish the headline. Every headline in the newspapers tomorrow will be some kind of version of “We Like Ike.” He’s only been on the team for a day, and it’s already a cliche. But the truth is, we do like Ike Davis, at least so far. We Mets fans are a fickle […]

Mike for Ike?

Mike for Ike?

The Mets have designated the struggling Mike Jacobs for assignment, and according to a report in the New York Post, the Mets are getting ready to bring up Ike Davis (left). The story says a major league source claims Davis will be in Flushing sometime over the next couple of days. Davis hasn’t stopped hitting […]

Who's a Hall of Famer?

Who’s a Hall of Famer?

How cool it must be for a guy like Albert Pujols. He just began his 10th season in the major leagues — the minimum to be considered for the Hall of Fame. Even if his career ended tomorrow, he would be a lock to get in. Hopefully it won’t end anytime soon, so he now gets to […]

Week One -- Not Good

Week One — Not Good

It was all set up for the fast start the Mets desperately needed. They were opening their season with a six-game homestand against two lousy teams (I don’t care what anybody says, the Marlins are not good). Ace Johan Santana would pitch two of those games. Jose Reyes would be back for the last two […]

And it Begins...

And it Begins…

Game two of the 2010 season was actually a second Opening Day of sorts — the day the rest of the Mets rotation, the guys NOT named Santana, gets down to work. And to the surprise of no one except Omar Minaya, it did not go well. The Mets lost 7-6 in 10 innings. They fought back from […]

1 Down, 161 to Go

1 Down, 161 to Go

If you’re a baseball fan, then today is perhaps the best day of the year (to go along with anniversaries, kids’ birthdays and the first nice Saturday of spring when women who are anxious to shed those winter clothes walk around the city wearing tank tops) — Opening Day of the season.  It’s a bitterwsweet day for […]