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Mets Payroll at $89 Million with Buyouts

A report Tuesday night pegs the 2014 Mets payroll at $89 million, less than last year and the ninth lowest in all of baseball. Yet Sandy Alderson is quoted in the same report saying he understands why MLB payrolls are going up.

A crucial note on the payroll: The Associated Press survey includes $7.6 million in buyouts to Johan Santana and Jason Bay. Those buyouts were actually $8.5 million, but the AP figure is in “present value.” I have been including the buyouts in my estimates.

The Mets were insisting all winter that the 2014 payroll would be not less than last year’s fraudulent figure of $87 million (it was actually about $93 million), not including the buyouts. Yet here we are without the buyouts at around $82 million.

The Mets and their apologists will tell you that mid-season call-ups and other expenses will bring that total up to near $87 million. But don’t be fooled — the Mets have a payroll closer to $80 million without including those buyouts.

Any way you look at it, the Mets lied once again when they promised they would not lower the payroll. And Alderson has the nerve to say he expected overall baseball salaries to go up.

“I’m not surprised. With the type of revenues clubs are enjoying these days, the average salaries are going to go up,” Alderson said.

Yes, every team is rolling in dough except the Mets. This is just an absolute disgrace.

3 thoughts on “Mets Payroll at $89 Million with Buyouts

  • It is quite simple. The Wilpons made/make their money via the real estate market. The real estate market has been stagnant for quite a number of years . The Mets as a corporation must foot all the bills to support the Wilpon Real Estate Empire. It includes loans, etc..

    As we all know corporations are always looking for ways to streamline their operations in hopes of being more efficient and profitable. I would not be surprised to hear that Lucas Duda shows apartments during the day to perspective customers while Ike and Ruben make cold calls and line up appointments. That is the only reason I can think of to explain why all three of them are still on the team.

  • Mark Berman

    Ha! Would you buy an apartment from Lucas Duda? The guy can’t put two words together! How is he going to sell anything?

  • My Bad! They send him out to the corner deli over by the auto junk yards for heros and beer!

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