Photo: Mets Car!

Everybody likes to claim they are the biggest Mets fan. Many of us wear our affiliation on our sleeves (sometimes literally). But now I submit someone who has gone above and beyond to prove his loyalty.

My old buddy Rick lives down in Florida and has a job that finds him on the road half of the time. He has a car he uses exclusively for driving to the airport and leaving it there, to sit and await his return. Obviously you’re not going to do that with a Maserati, but it doesn’t mean the car has to look like a piece of crap.

mets car

As Rick explains, “I bought it in 2001. Painted the top white to better cope with Florida sun. Then I decided to paint the Mets logo on it. Orange side flames may be next…”

So what have you done to show you’re such a big fan?

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