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Early Odds on Mets Winning 2019 World Series

Back in December 2014, I found myself in Las Vegas and after winning hundreds of dollars at craps (really!), I decided to walk over to the sports book to check out some odds. I rarely bet on sports, but I figured I was up, so why not blow some cash. The Mets were 40/1 odds to win the 2015 World Series, and with good reason; they were not particularly good in 2014. But I decided to place a bet anyway — a whole $10. And you all know what happened? The Mets shocked everyone by making the Series, but they came up three wins short of the championship, thus denying me the chance to make some easy money (really, I was the real victim of the World Series loss). The moral of the story is don’t let big odds get in the way of taking a chance on the Mets.

This year, various U.S betting sites have differing opinions on the Mets chances. But most of them have the Mets with odds at about 35/1 to win it all, tying them with the Rockies and A’s. That’s not too bad, considering the odds for the lowly Orioles are 350/1.

The Astros and Red Sox, the last two World Series champs, lead the pack at 6/1. The Dodgers, the bridesmaid the past two years, are tied with the stupid Yankees at 7/1.

Of course, those odds could change depending on where free agents stars such as Bryce Harper and Manny Machado end up. For example, the Phillies are currently 18/1. If they sign either of the top two free agents, those odds could shrink. If they somehow pull off signing both of them, as is the rumor, they could surge close to the top.

As far as our Mets, I would not expect their odds to change all that much over the course of the off-season. By all indications, a huge spending spree is not in the offing for the new front office in Flushing. Without a major splash, the Mets will likely go into the season at the same odds as now.

So go ahead and place your bet on the Mets. But don’t bet too much — it’s one thing to take a chance, it’s another thing to take a silly chance.

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