THE List: Top 10 2012 Mets Moments

Scott Hairston Hits for Cycle — 4/27/12


Hairston was a surprising bright spot in 2012, hitting a career high 20 home runs. His best day actually came during one of the team’s worst losses of the year — he hit for the cycle in a wild game in Colorado that the Mets lost 18-9.

Johan Santana No-Hitter — 6/1/12


Santana broke the Mets franchise no-hitter curse with a gem against the Cardinals at Citi Field. Already a distant memory was that Carlos Beltran should have gotten a hit on a ball that was ruled foul. But Mike Baxter’s no-hitter saving, shoulder separating catch will never be forgotten.

R.A. Dickey Consecutive One-Hitters — 6/13/12, 6/18/12


You’ll be seeing a lot ofDickey on this list. His incredible year included an incredible stretch in which he did not allow an earned run in 44.1 innings, including those back-to-back one-hitters. Dickey was simply unhittable. Well, except for those two hits.

Ike Davis Hits 3 Homers — 7/28/12


Davis was hitting .150 midway through the season but came on in the second half, finishing with 32 home runs. He hit three of them in one game in his home state of Arizona. As is the Mets way, the team managed to lose the game.

David Wright All-Time Mets Hits Leader — 9/26/12


When Wright hit an infield single in the third inning against the Pirates, it was the 1419th of his career, setting the all-time Mets hits record. Thankfully he will be allowed to extend that record (more on that later).

R.A. Dickey Wins 20th — 9/27/12


By late September the Mets had nothing to play for, except Dickey winning 20 games. He did it during a matinee against the Pirates. It was a really nice moment in an otherwise forgettable season for the team.

Jason Bay Released — 11/7/12


Bay will go down in history as one of the worst free agent signings ever. Not just Mets history, but all of baseball history. They mercifully pulled the plug one year early, eating the $20 million owed to Bay for the final year of his contract. He will not be missed.

R.A. Dickey Wins Cy Young — 11/14/12


In a tense moment for Mets fans, Dickey was announced as the Cy Young Award winner live on the MLB Network. What was expected to be a close vote was instead a landslide.  It capped off the best feel-good story the Mets have had in many years.

David Wright Extension — 12/5/12


After much hand-wringing on the part of Mets fans, Wright signed an eight-year, $138 million contract that will make him a Met for the rest of his career.  It was a good PR move, as well as a solid baseball move.

R.A Dickey Traded — 12/17/12


After contract negotiations failed, the Mets shipped Dickey to Toronto. In the long run, this move will help the Mets; Travis d’Arnaud is (hopefully) a can’t-miss prospect, the next Mike Piazza (hopefully). Short term, though, it will be sad not to see Dickey holding his Cy Young Award at Citi Field wearing a Mets uniform.

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    You know, I should have put Matt Harvey’s debut on the list. It completely slipped by mind. Sorry about that.

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