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Report: Mets to Extend Terry Collins 2 Years

According to a report on Saturday, the Mets are set to give Terry Collins a new two-year contract with a team option to continue to manage the team. reports that sources say the deal is not yet complete but that all the details should be worked out in time for a Monday announcement.

Terry Collins has been at the helm of the Mets for three years now. He has yet to lead them to a winning record, but that is more of an indictment of Sandy Alderson than Collins. The players seem to play hard for Collins, which makes up for his lack of strategic acumen.

I am kind of surprised the Mets are rushing into this. Collins does deserve to continue, but what happens if, say, a Mike Scioscia suddenly becomes available? With all due respect to Collins, I would think anyone would rather have Scioscia over him.

I’m also kind of surprised it is a two-year commitment. Given the record, this is very generous; one year with an option would have been appropriate, although I understand many people would immediately label him as a “lame duck” manager, which I think is ridiculous.

In any case, Terry Collins will apparently be around for a while. The Mets could do worse.

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