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Mets Talks with Curtis Granderson “Intensify’

Talk of the Mets signing Curtis Granderson may be more than the team’s usual smoke and mirrors. Reports Wednesday say the team is serious this time, with one story saying talks have “intensified.”

curtis granderson
Curtis Granderson could be wearing different “NY” on hat (and hopefully no cast on hand) in 2014.

That report, from ESPN New York, said the Mets are hoping to land Granderson with a three-year deal, while Granderson is hoping for a fourth year. A source said the Mets may “ultimately concede” a guaranteed fourth year to get the deal done.

It is estimated that Curtis Granderson will get something in the $15 million-$17 million range per season. I am guessing closer to $15 million, and that if he does sign with the Mets, that fourth year will not be guaranteed; rather, it will be a vesting option of some kind.

The reports say nothing is imminent, but Granderson might want to act fast. With the Yankees apparently signing Jacoby Ellsbury, it would appear they are out of the bidding, if they were ever really in it at all.

Most reports also link Granderson with the White Sox, Cubs, Mariners and Astros. He is from Chicago, and there is speculation he might want to go home. But there is nothing to suggest that sentiment is reciprocal. The Mariners seem to be moving on Robinson Cano and Carlos Beltran instead of Granderson, and who want to play for the Astros?

The Mets could be Curtis Granderson’s best option at this point. And if he wants to stay in New York to set up his inevitable post-career broadcasting life, they could be his only option. Better to sign on the dotted line sooner rather than later before the Mets get cold feet about making such an investment.

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