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Mets Shouldn’t Bother Hiring a GM

The Mets have struck out for a second straight offseason in their quest to find someone to lead the team’s baseball operations. So it appears they will go the route they went last year — hire just a GM (because it went so well last time). Well, at this point, they just shouldn’t bother.

The Cohen/Alderson braintrust is out there begging someone, anyone, to take the job. If a man or woman does accept, he or she will likely be someone who is inexperienced. Which means Sandy Alderson will be running the show yet again. So why put on a charade of having a GM? Just let Alderson make his usual terrible decisions and his son and the other assistant GM can do the paperwork.

The other issue is that if reports are true that the Mets are waiting to hire David Stearns next offseason, this new GM will almost certainly just be a placeholder because Stearns would want to bring in his own person (the same goes for manager). So who would take the job under those possible conditions, knowing they would probably be looking for work a year from now?

The Mets truly are a mess. And guess whose fault it is?

4 thoughts on “Mets Shouldn’t Bother Hiring a GM

  • Rusty Staub

    Now we know why you have a blog and not a real reporting based job. Because you are terrible at it.

  • Wow, Rusty rises from the dead just to leave a nasty, meaningless comment. And he was always my favorite Met!

  • Don Meglio

    The Mets truly are a mess. And guess whose fault it is?>>>

    Good Morning Mark,
    I did want to comment on your conclusion. I think the media (I am including you as well)..I think has done a very poor job of covering this issue. Many of you are not privy to the decisions the Mets have been making behind closed doors. Yet many of you have really reached some pretty wild conclusions.

    Grant it the process has taken some time. Many of you “assume” without much evidence that the team’s sole objective was to hire a big name. I suspect (although I would not swear to it) the Mets probably knew the big names were probably not interested in the position for lots of reasons. How you came to the conclusion that the team is both a mess and should not now hire a GM without much evidence or direct knowledge of who mgt. is currently talking to is not fair…and feeds the fan a pile of unconfirmed supposition. Be a better writer….(which you clearly are)…don’t give in to writing stuff like this…it tells us nothing….does nothing for your brand.

  • Thanks for your thoughtful and constructive comment (if only they were all like that!). You are right — no one has any idea what is going on behind closed doors in Flushing. But given the facts that we do have — that they have thus far been unable to hire a POBO or GM — I don’t think it is inappropriate for writers to speculate why. Of course, what we do write is our opinion and should be treated as such, especially what I said about not hiring a GM. That is strictly my opinion and not based on anything that may or may not be actually going on with the Mets.

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