Mets 50th Anniversary: Back to Basics

The Mets have announced their plans for the 50th anniversary of the franchise, and they are going back to basics. In a news conference Wednesday at Citi Field the Mets unveiled the anniversary official logo.


In a subsequent email the team talked about tweaks to the uniforms:

The Mets this coming season will wear new home pinstripe, white and road grey uniforms reflecting the look of the original uniforms from their inaugural season. The black dropshadow will be removed from the Mets script logo, letters and numbers. The pinstripe uniform will be the primary home uniform with the white and black alternate jerseys worn on select dates. The blue cap will be worn with the home pinstripes and white uniforms, and the road grey uniforms. The team will also wear a new blue and orange batting practice jersey.


Which means we are finally seeing the beginning of the end of black as a Mets color (as if it ever were one). They will likely wear the black uniforms every once in a while just to keep merchandise sales going. It will also be nice to see them wearing the blue hats almost every game. They are so much classier-looking than the black hats.

Also Banner Day is coming back! — a fun Mets tradition for decades until it was unceremoniously dumped.

In addition, Mets brass dispelled a rumor that Lindsey Nelson was going to be exhumed to call a few games. Too bad.

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