Why is NBC in Sports Business?

I know this is off the topic of the Mets and baseball, but it is sports related and it bugs the hell out of me, so please cut me some slack. Why does NBC insist in showing sports on tape delay?


I noticed on this morning that Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic were battling in the second set of the French Open semi-finals, so I ran to the television. I turned on NBC and saw a report on Justin Bieber on “The “Today Show.” Seriously. Tennis doesn’t start until 11am.

Now in the East I’m sure you are seeing it live, but not out here in sunny Los Angeles. No, it is very important that we see the last nine hours of “The Today Show.”

This is the same network that for decades has shown almost all of the Olympics on tape delay. NBC has announced it will air the London games live, but look how long it took it to make an obvious decision.

In the days before the Internet (yes kids, there were days before the Internet), it was somewhat acceptable to air events on tape delay because you really had to work to find the result (who remembers Sportsphone?!). But nowadays it is nearly impossible to avoid finding out how a major event ended.

If NBC does not want to show sports live to the entire country, it should just get out of the sports business. Simple as that.

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