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Jacob deGrom’s Agent’s Statement Ill-Advised

As Jacob deGrom heads into his second All-Star game, his agent issued an already infamous statement that threatens to overshadow his client’s big day. It was ill-advised, in my opinion:

“We have discussed Jacob’s future with the Mets at length. Jacob has expressed interest in exploring a long-term partnership that would keep him in a Mets uniform for years to come. If the Mets don’t share same interest, we believe their best course of action is to seriously consider trade opportunities now. The inertia of current situation could complicate Jacob’s relationship with the club and creates an atmosphere of indecision.”

Acting what he thinks is in the best interest of his client, Brodie van Wagenen likely is hoping to force the Mets hand while the team is at its most vulnerable. He knows most fans want deGrom to stay, and in the midst of a terrible season, he is probably hoping the Wilpons would want to avoid yet another PR disaster and lavish $100+ million on deGrom. Hasn’t he been watching the Wilpons?

The thing is, the Mets do not have to do anything. Jacob deGrom is team property for another two seasons. They are perfectly within their rights to go through those final two arbitration years (which will likely cost them at least $25 million) and then either resign him or set him free.

Or trade him at whatever point they want, not when an agent demands. Van Wagenen made a lot of headlines, but ultimately his statement amounts to nothing.

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