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Reports: Mets Sign Justin Verlander

Multiple reports Monday afternoon say the Mets have signed Justin Verlander to a two-year deal. Pretty good replacement for that traitor Jacob deGrom.

Verlander will reportedly get $43.33 million per year. If that number seems familiar, it’s because it is exactly the same annual amount the Mets are paying Max Scherzer.

This is a great move by the Mets. Verlander is coming off a spectacular season in which he was the unanimous choice for the American League Cy Young. He may turn 40 in February (on the best-ever day to be born!), but he is a much surer bet to remain healthy than the fragile deGrom, who is five years younger. Plus, we get to see Kate Upton wearing a Mets hat on a regular basis (is that sexist? Sorry.).



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