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Mets 2012 Payroll: Less than $100 Million

I hate, hate, hate when I have an idea for a post and another site beats me to the punch. I started working on this payroll piece Wednesday night, and on Thursday posted the same thing. It is even broken down almost identically to mine (could ESPN be spying on my computer?!). The only difference is that ESPN’s estimate is a few million dollars less than mine. In any case, here it is — much less than the $120 million payroll Sandy Alderson promised during last season, less than his $100 million to $110 million revision, and closer to the $85 million to $90 million that I predicted in December. It is an embarrassment for an alleged big-market team:

Johan Santana — $24 million
R.A. Dickey — $4.75 million
Mike Pelfrey — $6 million (est.)
Jonathon Niese — $750,000 (est.)
Dillon Gee — $500,000 (est.)

Frank Francisco — $5.5 million
Jon Rauch — $3.5 million
Tim Byrdak — $1 million
Ramon Ramirez — $2 million (est.)
Bobby Parnell — $750,000 (est.)
2 relievers — $1 million (est.)

Josh Thole — $750,000 (est.)
Mike Nickeas — $500,000 (est.)

David Wright — $15.250 million
Ronny Cedeno — $1.15 million
Ike Davis — $750,000 (est.)
Daniel Murphy — $750,000 (est.)
Justin Turner — $500,000 (est.)
Ruben Tejada — $500,000 (est.)

Jason Bay — $18.130 million
Scott Hairston — $1.1 million
Andres Torres — $3 million (est.)
Lucas Duda — $500,000 (est.)
Outfielder — $500,000 (est.)

D.J. Carrasco — $1.2 million

Total — $94,330,000

3 thoughts on “Mets 2012 Payroll: Less than $100 Million

  • as silly as it sounds, they may have ripped this off. both lists had dj carrasco under other instead of the bullpen. unless you took that from them

  • Mark Berman

    That was the weird thing, Tom. The way I posted it Thursday afternoon was the way I wrote it Wednesday night, before ESPN published its article. We both coincidentally did virtually the exact same thing, especially with Carrasco as “other.” What’s that they say about great minds?!

  • yeah that’s really funny. in seriousness though, the mets have $37 mil for 22 of the players here. which is pathetic for a new york team. i still think if the mets stay healthy and find a way to pitch well, they have a shot at a wild card, but it’s probably too tall a task for now

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