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Shea and Citi -- Tales of 2 Fields

Shea and Citi — Tales of 2 Fields

Every August when I was a kid my family would make its annual pilgrimmage to Shea Stadium. My father and I would go to the local branch of the Manufacturers Hanover bank to buy tickets. Yes, that’s where they used to sell Mets tickets back then. Money was tight, but my father always insisted on […]

Worst Moves By Omar Minaya

Worst Moves By Omar Minaya

With another off-season almost upon us, Omar Minaya will soon embark on his latest quest to improve the Mets. Minaya (left) has been the general manger of the team since September 2004. And in that time, he’s made some spectacularly bad moves that have had a severe impact on the club, both financially and on the […]

THE List: 10 Most Hated Mets

THE List: 10 Most Hated Mets

Doug Sisk (1982-1987) The standard by which all hated Mets are held. Kevin McReynolds (1987-1991, 1994) His lazy, lackadaisical style of play infuriated fans. Vince Coleman (1991-1993) He was just a jerk. Bobby Bonilla (1992-1995, 1999) What to hate most — the earplugs, the medicore numbers, threatening a reporter? I’ll go with the latter, because […]


THE List: 10 Most Popular Mets

Tug McGraw (1965-1967, 1969-1974) Came up with “You Gotta Believe,” willing the 1973 Mets to the East title. Tom Seaver (1967-1977, 1983) How could a player who is the all-time face of a franchise be lost to that team not once, but twice? Only the Mets. Rusty Staub (1972-1975, 1981-1985) With all the food at […]

A Good Place to Start -- The Myth of the "Long Suffering" Mets Fan

A Good Place to Start — The Myth of the “Long Suffering” Mets Fan

A friend of mine married a Mets fan late in the 2005 season, and began following the team the next year. She was heartbroken along with the rest of us when Carlos Beltran’s knees were locked by that vicious curveball, ending what had been a successful year. After the collapse in 2007, she told me, […]