Photos: When Yankees Called Shea Stadium Home

Had New York been awarded the 2012 Olympics, the Mets would have played that season at Yankee Stadium while Citi Field was expanded to serve as the Olympic stadium. It would have been fitting; after all, the Mets hosted the Yankees for two full seasons.

The Yankees needed a place to play for the 1974 and 1975 seasons while the team and the city completed their bright to take all of the charm out of old Yankee Stadium and “renovate” it, The only place in town was Shea. In fact, the Giants used to play at Yankee Stadium, too, so for two years Shea Stadium was home to the Mets, Yankees, Giants and Jets. No wonder the stadium aged so poorly.

Photos of the Yankees playing in Shea are scarce; in fact, I read that the Yankees hardly mention their time at Shea in their team history. Here is one photo. Note the Yankee logo on the top of the scoreboard where the Mets logo usually sat.

shea stadium

And a ticket stub. Five dollars for field level. The Mets charged $4.50!


This might be an even stranger image — a 1975 Yankees program with Shea Stadium proudly displayed.


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