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Reports: Lucas Duda to be Starting 1B

Terry Collins said after Thursday’s game that he plans on picking one first basemen and letting him play for an extended period of time. Collins refused to name names, but reports say it will be Lucas Duda (insert collective sigh here).

lucas duda
The first base competition is over for now — Lucas Duda is the winner.

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York and Andy Martino of the Daily News report Duda is getting the nod over Ike Davis and Josh Satin. Martino tweeted that the “team wants to find out if he (Duda) can hold down job.”

This is news to Duda.

“That’s up to Terry and the coaches,” Lucas Duda said. “If I play, I’ll go out there and play hard. And if I don’t, I’ll come off the bench. Whatever they need.”

The three-headed first base monster of Duda/Davis/Satin was an extremely stupid idea to begin with. Even Davis knows that.

“It’s going to be obviously better for the person who gets to play more,” Davis said. “The other guy just has to have a different role. So it’s easier to kind of get in a routine if you have a role and you show up to the park and know what you have to work on and what you’re expected to do that day. That’s the difference.”

Blame Sandy Alderson for all of this; for having both Duda and Davis on the roster as well as the decision to choose Duda. Make no mistake, this is coming from the front office, not the manager’s office.

None of the three players actually earned this. I assumed Davis would eventually win the spot because he is the lesser of the three evils and he makes the most money. I should have known better; Alderson loves Lucas Duda and his willingness to buy into his flawed offensive philosophies of working the count and taking walks. How has that offense looked thus far this season?

So it looks like it will be Lucas Duda on first, for the time being, anyway. When you think Davis’s trade value could not sink any lower, somehow it does.

3 thoughts on “Reports: Lucas Duda to be Starting 1B

  • i applaud the mets for making a decision and sticking with it.

    However, as is the case with everything the mets do, they made the wrong decision. Besides the fact that duda is terrible, why announce this now? if they did going into the season, or if he had a couple strong games, it would make sense, but he’s looked just as slow and terrible as ever

  • I just have a few questions:

    Why did they talk about Wilmer Flores being a candidate to play shortstop and then not play him at short all through spring training?

    Duda and Davis have been Mets for the last 4 years (I think) and they still can’t figure out that they both suck?

    When is Moises Alou coming off the DL?

    Do they really think they can win with this bullpen?

    Is it about winning at the major league level or is about saving money? Montero? Thor? etc..

    I like the new Mets hats – last year – orange and blue – but why is there a white border surrounding the NY? They can’t even get that right!

    Why can’t they bring back Omar Minaya and put him in charge of illuminating press conferences? At least those were fun!

    If I ever see Jeffy Wilpon in a bar would I get in trouble for beating him to a pulp? Or would I get a statue at CitiField?

    It has only been 3 games and I am talking like this already!?

  • Mark Berman

    Flores did see some time at short during Spring Training, but some in the Mets organization do not see him as an option there.

    I agree about the white border on the “NY.” It looks like a cheap knockoff logo.

    Be careful about threatening anyone in the Mets front office. The last guy who did it got arrested. But yes, fans would build you a statue!

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