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Mets Exchange Arbitration Figures with Davis, Murphy

Mets Blog reports that the Mets have exchanged arbitration figures with Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy. Even if the players lose, they are in line for huge raises.

Daniel Murphy & Ike Davis looking for big paydays.

Davis, who made $506,690 last season, is asking for $3.7 million for 2013. The team countered with $2.825 million.

Murphy would like to be paid $3.4 million while the Mets prefer $2.55 million. He made $512,196 in 2012.

The Mets, who are pretty good at avoiding arbitration, will surely work to avoid hearings this time around. The gaps are not huge; both Davis and Murphy will probably end up negotiating salaries around the $3 million level.

That is far more than I thought they would get; I predicted around $2 million for each of them.

Oh well, less money for the Mets to spend on a major league outfielder.

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