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Stick a Fork in Nationals — They’re Done

The Mets completed the sweep of the Nationals Wednesday night with a third straight come-from-behind victory. They also completed the Nationals season — they are done.

Mets dugout is a happy place these days.

The Mets are now ahead by seven games. There are still 23 games left to play, but if the Nationals could not win just one game at home while leading all three, then they will never win anything. The Nationals are a talented team, but something is wrong with them. They simply folded like a cheap card table.

I mean, Stephen Strasburg was dominant into the eighth inning, striking out 13 batters. Bryce Harper hit two home runs. Yet they were still losers.

The Mets were powered by home runs — Travis d’Arnaud hit a solo shot in the second to tie the game, Kelly Johnson hit one in the eighth to tie the score, and then the big blow by Yoenis Cespedes (who else?); a two-run homer later in the eighth to give the Mets the lead. They would win 5-3.

We are watching something special here — a team that just will not give up. In Washington, they are watching a very different team, one that is incapable of winning for some reason. It is a nice change for us long-suffering Mets fans.

One thought on “Stick a Fork in Nationals — They’re Done

  • I’m not so sure they are done….the Mets will simply outlast them!

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