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“The Jewish Mets”: eBook from Blogging Mets

Just in time for the holiday gift buying season is a new eBook from your pal here at Blogging Mets. It is called “The Jewish Mets,” and as the title suggests, it is about the nine men who have played for the Mets who were Jewish.

the jewish metsFrom original Met Joe Ginsberg (who?!) to Art Shamsky to Ike Davis, I tell the stories of their experiences playing with the Mets, and what it was like to play in the capital of Jewish America in a sport with so few Jews.

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this book. You don’t even have to be a Mets fan (although it helps). As long as you like baseball stories, you’ll like this story.

I have priced it at a very reasonable $2.99 to reach as many people as possible. So what have you got to lose? At that price, it is also a great stocking stuffer (and yes, I see the irony of marketing a Jewish-related book as a Christmas stocking stuffer!). Hanukkah is also coming; it would a perfect gift for one of those middle days — much better than the inhaler Davis said his mother gave him!

“The Jewish Mets” is published through a major eBook distributor called Smashwords — you can see it here. It will soon be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in the iTunes store, but you can choose your preferred format at Smashwords if you don’t want to wait (plus, I make a little more from sales through Smashwords!).

Anyway, if you do choose to purchase the book, thank you, and I hope you enjoy it.

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