Sandy Alderson

Sandy Alderson Ranked 8th Worst GM

The brilliant Sandy Alderson has been ranked as the eighth worst general manager in all of baseball. It was a surprisingly good showing for the do-nothing chief of the Mets.

In its annual ranking, the Sporting News named Alderson the 23rd best GM (I prefer eighth worst; it is much more damning), writing:

Patience is a virtue, to be sure, but the Mets under Alderson have not shown great ability to do much more than add young pitching to the organizational talent pool. The lineup remains as much of a nightmare as ever, and the list of players who have been mishandled in one way or another by the organization is long, from young players like Ruben Tejada to veterans like Kyle Farnsworth to those in between like Ike Davis. The philosophy is right. The execution is troubling.

Well said. It sums up the Sandy Alderson era perfectly.

Topping the list, of course is Billy Beane, whom some delusional people still believe learned everything he knows from Alderson. If he learned anything from Sandy Alderson, it is how not to be a general manager.

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