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The Carlos Beltran Puzzle

So let me get this straight — Carlos Beltran was able to come back last season and play 64 games. He looked a bit hobbled at times, but at least he was still able to get out onto the field. Then, after having the entire off-season to rest and rehab, he has been able to play just one spring training game and he is in far worse shape than he was last year. Who gets less healthy in the off-season?

Carlos-BeltranAnd it’s not even his surgically-repaired right knee (although I’ll bet that is not in great shape, either) that’s bothering him. It’s the left knee, which has suddenly developed tendonitis.

I always thought Beltran was a little soft. Whenever he would stumble, I would say to myself, “he’ll be out six to eight weeks.” I’m not saying his current injuries are not real, it’s just that I think he’s being extra cautious before agreeing to play in meaningless spring games.

I wonder how much his scummy agent Scott Boras is whispering in his ear. I wouldn’t put it past Boras to tell him, “Don’t risk serious injury, Carlos. We have to get you a big contract after this season.”

Players certainly have to think about their future — they can’t risk sustaining a career-ending injury and take the field if they are not feeling 100% (or close to it). However, Beltran has a contract to play for the New York Mets in 2011. He’s got to play if he is able, not sit out for extended periods in order to secure a contract for 2012 and beyond.

Again, I am not saying Beltran is doing this. He’s a professional who has a lot of pride. I can’t say the same about his agent, however.

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