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Jerry Blevins to Start Sunday for Mets

And your starter for the New York Mets on Sunday is… Jerry Blevins! Yes, the faltering reliever who has never started a game in the major leagues gets the call. What exactly is going on in Flushing?

Blevins is being forced into this position because the Mets scheduled starter, Jason Vargas, was placed on the disabled list Saturday night, leaving the Mets to scramble (actually, Blevins cannot be any worse than the dreadful Vargas).

But here’s the thing — Vargas hurt his calf while “conditioning” a couple of days ago. So the Mets had to see this coming, unless they did not understand the severity of the injury, and what are the odds of that? The Mets are excellent when it comes to diagnosing injuries. So why did they have Robert Gsellman, a man who has actually started baseball games, in the game last night? Why not hold him so he could start today? I guess that would have taken common sense, which is clearly not present around Citi Field.

This is just embarrassing. Could this be the worst Mets season ever? It sure is shaping up that way.

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