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Francisco Rodriguez Back with Mets? No Thanks

Mets Blog reports Wednesday that Francisco Rodriguez would like to return to the Mets, ostensibly to complete unfinished business. I say no thank you.

francisco rodriguez
Could Francisco Rodriguez be back in Mets uniform? Let’s hope not.

K-Rod, who is pitching for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic, told reporters he would love to return to Flushing to “redeem himself.” Andy Martino of the Daily News tweeted that Rodriguez said, “I failed when I was there. To be able to get one more shot, to go back and get it done, that would be great.”

Yeah, great for him, but not for Mets fans. The Mets have done a good job of getting rid of such malcontents as K-Rod, Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo, and jettisoning unpopular, unproductive players like Jason Bay. Why bring back the bad vibes?

It also might not be such a great move from a baseball standpoint. Rodriguez was 2-7 with a 4.38 ERA as a set-up man with the Brewers last season. Those are not good numbers. No one else signed Francisco Rodriguez this off season, so everyone obviously sees something in him that they don’t like.

Even though the state of the Mets pitching is a mess, I really don’t think adding Francisco Rodriguez would clean things up. In fact, it probably would make things worse. Let’s just move on.

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