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Mets to Davis, Tejada: Shape Up or Ship Out

The Mets “brain trust” reportedly held a meeting with Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada prior to Tuesday night’s game against the Yankees and told them if they didn’t show improvement very soon, they would both be shipped to the minors. They responded by going a combined 0-7.

ike davis
Ike Davis & Ruben Tejada could soon be teammates in Las Vegas.

In fact, there is a report (via Mets Blog, from WFAN’s Mike Francesa) that claims a team source said the Mets would have demoted them after the game had the team not come back to win in the ninth.

That makes absolutely no sense. I’m not saying it is not true, but much like what the Mets do, the decision is nonsensical. What difference did it make that the Mets won? Davis and Tejada did not contribute to the winning rally. Perhaps the Mets didn’t want to ruin the good feelings from the game by sending half of their starting infield to Las Vegas.

Demotions are well-deserved. Davis is batting .152 (second worst in the league) with 59 strikeouts (fourth most). Tejada is hitting .209 with an on-base percentage of .269 — poor numbers for anyone, but especially bad for a top-of-the-order guy.

And just why is Tejada hitting leadoff? He was moved back to that spot a couple of games ago after Daniel Murphy excelled there. Just stick him in the eighth spot and get it over with.

That is where Davis has been hitting these past few games. Only a week ago Terry Collins put him in the cleanup spot, perhaps hoping it might stir some pride in Davis. It didn’t work.

Both of these players are a mess right now. Even their usually solid defense is starting to suffer. They both will likely be sent down within the next few days. Omar Quintanilla will probably be called up to take Tejada’s place. He’s been hitting well in Vegas.

As far as first base, my guess is that Lucas Duda slides over there. He is looking worse and worse in the outfield and I think the Mets see him as the answer at first base for the long term, with Ike Davis either being traded (if he regains his stroke) or non-tendered (if he can’t). I don’t think Duda is the answer to anything, but at this point, does it even matter?

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