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Mets Non-Tender Eric Young, Tender Ruben Tejada

The Mets cut Eric Young loose Tuesday night, deciding not to tender him a contract. But for some reason Sandy Alderson thought it would be a good idea to offer a contract to Ruben Tejada. Yet another cowardly move by the great Mets GM.

eric young
Mets non-tender Eric Young.

First Young. He really is not a great loss. He could be a sparkplug when he is on, but that did not happen very often. At an expected $3 million, he is just not worth it.

Tejada is not worth the paper on which his contract, probably around $2 million, will be written. He was given enough of a chance and he has proven time and time again that he is not up to the task.

Yet just like with Ike Davis last year, Alderson is far too fearful to wave goodbye to Tejada and simply give Wilmer Flores the shortstop job, or go out and get a new one. As far as bold moves go, it would have been on the mild end of the scale. But Alderson could not even do that, instead spending precious Mets dollars on a useless backup with a history of failure.

You may be thinking, “hey, he can trade Tejada, just like he traded Davis.” If so, you were probably saying the same thing about Bartolo Colon, who is now pretty much untradable, his $11 million an albatross around the Mets neck.

Sandy Alderson is excellent.

One thought on “Mets Non-Tender Eric Young, Tender Ruben Tejada

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    Not a Tejada fan in the least but he does provide a reasonable backup at 2B and SS and for the $2mil it may cost he would be a safe play.

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