Photos: Mets 1985 Ticket Brochure

So I got an email a couple of weeks ago from someone in Cincinnati. It seems he was going through some old junk and found two 1985 Mets ticket brochures. He was about to recycle them but stopped, thinking it might mean something to someone.

He did a search and found an article I wrote about my Mets memorabilia collection and thought I might like the brochures. Of course I said yes and he sent them to me.

They are pretty cool, touting newest Met Gary Carter and urging people to come to Shea to “catch the rising stars.” Remember that old slogan?

The prices are also something to remember. A box seat for all 81 games cost just $650. Now, the best seat costs just shy of $10,000. Yes, it was 30 years ago, but according to the U.S. Inflation Calculator, $650 then would be $1441.59 now. So yeah, prices have gone up.

In any case, check out the photos of the brochures, and thanks to the Reds fan who sent them to me.



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