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Just Give Shortstop Job to Wilmer Flores

The Mets and their fans will spend a good chunk of the winter fretting over who will play shortstop. Should we sign Ian Desmond? Trade for Javier Baez or Starlin Castro? Bring Rey Ordonez out of retirement? The Mets should end the speculation and just name Wilmer Flores the starting shortstop.

wilmer flores
Wilmer Flores should be the Mets starting shortstop.

In his first full season in the majors, Flores hit 16 home runs with 59 RBIs. That was only in 137 games. Next season he projects to about 20 home runs and 75 RBIs. Not bad for a shortstop.

While Flores’s defense cannot be called stellar, he was not terrible, certainly no worse than Daniel Murphy. And he made some really nice plays in the post-season. Maybe committing to Flores would allow him to settle down, and not be so concerned that the next error will get him benched.

Also do not forget, Wilmer Flores is only 23 years old. His best days are ahead of him.

As far as the alternatives, Desmond had a down year and at age 30, could be in for a decline. Do you really want to sign him to a multi-year, mega bucks deal? The Cubs players would cost the Mets one of their young starters. Do you really want to trade any of them for a shortstop? Ruben Tejada? Please.

Wilmer Flores the best option for the Mets. He also has plenty of upside and could turn into a vital piece of the Mets lineup. Just give him the job already.

One thought on “Just Give Shortstop Job to Wilmer Flores

  • Steve S.

    I totally agree. As a batter, Flores did much better in the second half. He also looked a bit better at SS, even if 2B is his better position. And he is young, and should improve with experience at short.

    The defense will get much better with Herrera at 2B.

    Tejada or Reynolds can back these guys up.

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