Photos: Latest Addition to Mets Collection

Regular readers of this site might remember that last year I chose not to buy a vintage Mets watch on eBay (long story short, it was a neat watch but in the end I would have been paying $300 for a $10 watch). Well, this time I got my Mets watch. It is a different one, but a much nicer one, in my opinion.



This watch is from Mets Old-Timers Day in 1968 and is said to be quite rare. They apparently gave team employees and perhaps other people these watches. This one belonged to a Mets official named J. Murray.

FullSizeRender (2)


I searched my old Mets yearbooks and could not find any mention of him, so he must have been a lower-level employee not worthy of mention in a yearbook.

I paid $245 for the watch. Unlike that other watch, this is a Girard Perregaux, which is a high quality time piece. Even without the Mets logo, it is probably worth it. And it works so I can actually wear it.

The Mets gave the actual Old Timers a similar watch. But instead of numbers it said “Old Timers Day,” and it was 10k gold instead of gold-plated. This was Joe DiMaggio’s, which sold at auction for $1200.


So my watch may not have a Hall of Fame provenance, but it is still a pretty cool watch. I am happy to have it in my Mets and watch collections.

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