2015 Postseason

David Wright’s Throwing is Concern

The winning run in Tuesday’s Game 1 of the World Series was only on base because of a throwing error by David Wright. Wright’s throwing at third has been getting worse, begging the question: can he even throw anymore?

david wright
David Wright flings ill-fated throw to first.

Wright admittedly had to rush his throw after bobbling the grounder, but he unleashed one of those sidearm throws that he often employs. He used to only do it when he was running in to field a ball. Now he seems to do it all the time.

He made one of those throws early in the game as well, leading me to tweet about whether there was an issue, since his throws have become even more “sidearmy” (and then I questioned if that was even a word!).

Maybe he has a shoulder problem. Or maybe throwing overhand is stressful on his ailing back. Whatever the reason, these throws have become a problem. Not only do they take longer to get to first base, they tail away, which could pull the first baseman off the bag. That’s what happened last night.

This needs to be addressed in the off-season. After all, no one wants a Chad Bradford clone manning third base.

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