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Not Even .500 (2011 Edition)

Last season I didn’t have to write this article until September 30, but here we are nine days earlier on the 2011 calender and I regret to report that the Mets have lost their 82nd game, which means they will finish below .500 for the third straight season.


This is truly pathetic. I know they have suffered through injury after injury this year, but still, $142 million in payroll and they can’t even reach .500? For those counting, that’s more than $400 million in salary over the past three seasons without a winning record.

The Mets were last at .500 on August 10 when they were 58-58. They were within one game of .500 on September 7, but then came that awful 1-8 homestand that ended any hope of reaching .500. The Mets reached a high of four games over .500 on July 29 when they were 55-51. Ah, good times.

The Mets now have to close out the season by going 6-2 just to match last season’s crummy 79-83 record, a record that cost the manager and general manager their jobs. No one will be fired after this season, but think about it — the Mets were so horrible last season, and they may not even match their record this year.

This does not bode well for 2012. The injured players should be back, but the payroll is being cut so Sandy Alderson will not be able to go out and drastically change this team. Drastic change is needed on the pitching staff, while all the lineup really needs is one new outfielder, assuming Jose Reyes is resigned. If he’s not, well, let’s not think about it.

One thought on “Not Even .500 (2011 Edition)

  • terry p

    this is what happens when the gods of baseball has taken a hatred to owners of the name of wilpon…….at least alderson has come to the conclusion every other metropolitan fan has realized since the opening of this stupid stadium the dimensions suck big time. this place needs a more metropolitan look than that of a team long gone. looking at this stadium and it’s dimensions it’s a wonder the brookyln dodgers won what they did.

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