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Seriously?! Mets Still Considering Andres Torres

A report in the New York Post quotes a Mets source as saying the team is still “up in the air” about whether to tender Andres Torres a contract for 2013. Let me bring them down to earth — the answer is no.

Hopefully we will not see Andres Torres in a Mets uniform ever again.

Torres was terrible for the Mets in 2012, batting just .230 with three homers and 35 RBIs. The alleged speedster managed to accumulate only 13 stolen bases. He also struck out 90 times in just 374 at bats, often times looking clueless on the field of play.

The Mets paid Torres $2.7 million for that putrid performance. Do they really think he is worth the upwards of $3 million he would likely get if they re-signed him?

Torres is nothing more than a fourth outfielder, and the Mets have plenty of backup options at the major league minimum.

Cutting Torres loose should be the easiest decision the Mets will make this off season. If the Mets do indeed bring back Torres, the only conclusion to make is that something is seriously wrong with Sandy Alderson’s brain.

The same article says the Mets will not tender Mike Pelfrey, but they still might sign him to a cheaper free agent deal. I think it is time to end the Mike Pelfrey era in Flushing, but I guess it couldn’t hurt to sign him to a minor league deal and hope he can come back from surgery and give the Mets depth in the starting rotation.

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