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Whew! Andres Torres to Sign with Giants

After non-tendering the awful Andres Torres, Sandy Alderson never really closed the book on him, suggesting he might re-sign him at a lower cost. Thankfully that will not happen — Torres is reportedly going back to San Francisco.

andres torres
Andres Torres returns to the black and orange of the Giants.

Torres hit .230 for the Mets in 2012. The alleged speedster stole all of 13 bases and often looked clueless in center field. But perhaps the Giants weren’t watching, choosing to remember his 2010 when he hit 16 home runs and stole 26 bases, helping them to a World Series championship.

Ironically, Torres will share the outfield with Angel Pagan, for whom he was traded (along with Ramon Ramirez) in what turned out to be a bad deal for the Mets.

Somehow, Torres was able to pry $2 million from the Giants, who have spent their money liberally and poorly this off season, in my opinion. They gave the mediocre Pagan $10 million per year for four years and signed the 37-year-old Marco Scutaro to a three-year deal for $20 million. But hey, they’ve won two out of the last three World Series, so who am I to judge?

I’m just happy Andres Torres will be as far away from Flushing as possible.

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