Video: 2 Massive Shea Stadium Home Runs

John Buck’s home run into the second deck at Citi Field Sunday was a monstrous shot — 460 feet. But it was nothing compared to two of the longest homers ever hit at Shea Stadium.

The first one happened on August 20, 1999. Mark McGwire was at the height of his PED-fueled home run hitting power when he launched a massive opposite field shot high off Shea’s gigantic scoreboard, busting a few lightbulbs. It was estimated at 502 feet.

A couple of years later on June 26, 2002, Mo Vaughn hit one a little farther. This one hit in the middle of the scoreboard, estimated at 505 feet. Gary Cohen called it the longest homer he had ever seen at Shea Stadium, and he has seen most of them.

I remember watching both of these live and being just absolutely stunned. It was rare for anyone to even hit the bottom of that scoreboard at Shea Stadium, so these shots were truly epic; home runs for the ages.

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