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What to do with Wilmer Flores?

The name of Wilmer Flores has only been publicly uttered once by Mets brass this off-season, when Sandy Alderson said Flores and Eric Young would battle it out at second base if Daniel Murphy is traded. Other than that, it has been radio silence about Flores. So what to do with him?

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Does Wilmer Flores have a place on the Mets?

It really seems like Wilmer Flores is a man without a spot. The Mets are trying to trade Murphy, but it does not appear there are any takers at the Mets understandably high price. And besides, the Mets appear to be want to get Young’s bat in the leadoff spot, and second base could be the only place. So despite Alderson’s statement, Young would likely be the second baseman.

Many people are saying Flores should play first. But here’s the thing about that — in 696 career minor league games, Wilmer Flores has played exactly 18 games at first base. Who’s to say he can even play there? And first base is not easy; just ask Mike Piazza.

It is a shame that Flores is not better at shortstop, his natural position. That could solve the Mets dilemma there but apparently Flores is a butcher in the field, which is why he was switched to second and third base after being a shortstop exclusively for his first four years in the minors.

Should the Mets take a shot with Flores at short and hope for the best? Imagine an infield of Lucas Duda, Murphy and Flores. They could set a record for errors and misplayed balls. No, shortstop does not appear to be an option at all.

So I ask again — what to do with Wilmer Flores? The way the Mets used him after his call-up in August, I assumed they were showcasing him as a third baseman and would trade him as one. But there have been absolutely no rumors to that effect. Alderson does like at act stealthily, so perhaps he is working under the radar on something. Otherwise, it does not appear that there is a place on the Mets for Wilmer Flores.

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  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    I haven’t seen much defensive wonderfulness coming from Tejeda so perhaps the Mets should just focus on helping Flores get his SS chops together and be thankful that he can hit.

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