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Mets Must Sweep Brewers

Well, that was terrible. The Mets were swept out of Chicago, losing the last two games in particularly disheartening fashion. But the only answer for being swept is to sweep yourself. And fortunately, the Mets have the perfect opponent coming to town.

The Brewers are the worst team in baseball. They have the most losses and the fewest wins in the game. That is a recipe for a crummy team. And the Mets have to feast on them.

If you’re going to be a contender, you have to beat teams like this, especially at home. And especially after losing those four straight.

The Mets have to learn how to hit. One tactic could be a lineup shakeup. Curtis Granderson should not be the leadoff hitter. I don’t care how often he walks; the Mets are not paying him $60 million to trot to first base. He has to hit in the middle of the lineup and drive in runs. Juan Lagares has shown he can be a leadoff hitter.

Until David Wright comes back and is installed in the third slot with Daniel Murphy hitting second (Murphy should hit third in the meantime), I would put Wilmer Flores second. The guy is a disaster in the field but he can hit.

Lucas Duda fourth, Michael Cuddyer fifth, Granderson sixth, Plawecki seventh and Dilson Herrera eighth (a potential number two at some point) is better than the current lineup.

In any case, this could help the Mets gain the must-sweep the Brewers. No excuses. No “it’s still early.” No “two out of three ain’t bad.” It’s a sweep or nothing.

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