Video: Vintage Joe Torre “Advice For On-Deck Batters”

I can’t tell you how excited I am to repost this video. Not only have I been looking for this video for years, I have also been looking for proof that this actually existed, that I didn’t dream it as a young boy. But now I can report that I did indeed watch this, and it is just as funny as I remembered.

The video is Joe Garagiola interviewing then-Met Joe Torre at Shea Stadium about how to be an on-deck batter. It is purposely overly serious, making it hilarious. It aired on NBC before the 1975 All-Star Game.

By the way, I went so far at one point in my search by tweeting at Torre himself about it. He never responded, fueling my dream theory! Anyway, thanks to Deep Track Zach for finding this, and enjoy this extremely rare clip.

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