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David Einhorn — Smart Man

We’re beginning to see how this David Einhorn fellow was savvy enough to build a financial empire. Reported details of his deal to buy part of the Mets have emerged, and it seems like he worked out a phenomenal deal.

money3According to a source who spoke to, Einhorn’s $200 million will buy him 33% of the Mets. Then in three years, he has the option to up his stake to 60%. The Wilpons can block this move by giving him his $200 million back AND allowing him to keep his one-third of the team.

What a deal! In the best-case scenario, Einhorn invests probably around another $200 million that is probably just stuffed in his mattress and gets controlling interest in the Mets. Worst case? The Wilpons give him his $200 million back and he still gets to keep his share.

If all goes well for the Wilpons and they win that ridiculous Madoff lawsuit (which they likely will, I predict), Einhorn will have given them an interest-free loan for three years in exchange for a third of the team.

Not bad at all.


A funny little exchange during Thursday’s game that showed the divide between broadcasters who have never played the game and those who have.

metsKevin Burkhardt was telling what he thought was a nice sympathetic story — how Scott Cousins felt terrible and “couldn’t sleep” after barrelling into Buster Posey, breaking his leg and costing Posey his season.

“Come on!!” yelled Keith Hernandez. Hernandez pointed it that it was a clean play, and “stuff happens” in baseball. “I wouldn’t have lost a wink of sleep,” he proclaimed.

Gary Cohen took the non-athlete view, saying it’s just like when a pitcher accidentally hits a batter — he feels bad.

“Maybe I’m just a dinosaur,” Hernandez said.

A classic example of the divide between players and non-players. Or maybe Hernandez is just an uncaring jerk!

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