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2012 Mets Closer: K-Rod?!

Let’s see, the Mets need a closer, Francisco Rodriguez will be a free agent; could a reunion be in the works? Shockingly, the Mets say it is a possibility.

“We haven’t ruled anything out,” a team official told “We need a closer. It is a long way down the road. We haven’t had those meetings yet. But, for us, I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

krodAfter K-Rod’s tumultuous two and a half seasons in Flushing you’d think neither side would want anything to do with each other again. But Rodriguez said that is not the case, at least as far as he is concerned.

“I don’t have no hard feelings for nobody,” K-Rod said. “They did what they had to do. They needed to unload a lot of money and I was making too much money. But you never know what’s going to happen one year from now, two years from now.”

But don’t drag your K-Rod jersey out of the mothballs just yet.

“A lot would have to line up for it to come true,” a second official said.” He didn’t leave on the worst of terms. We made the trade more because of money. It is not an absolute no. It is possible, not probable.”

Which means it will never happen. Aside from the fact that Rodriguez was not exactly a fan favorite, he would like cost more than the Mets have budgeted for a closer. That’s why someone like Jonathan Broxton or Brad Lidge — players coming off injuries who could be had relatively cheaply on a one-year, incentive laden contract — is more likely.

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