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Mets to Re-Sign Scott Hairston; Why?

Sandy Alderson’s moves this off-season continue to baffle me. First he lets Jose Reyes walk without so much as an offer. Then he spends most of his remaining budget on the bullpen without addressing the troubled starting rotation. Now he reportedly will re-sign Scott Hairston and pay him $1.1 million to sit on the bench.

Hairston was perfectly adequate in 2011 — he hit .235 with seven home runs and 24 RBIs, mostly as a pinch hitter. He played all three outfield positions and even one game at second base. I can’t imagine his production will be any better in 2012. You’d think the Mets would have gone out and gotten someone who has the potential to be something more than Hairston.


Then there is the money issue — a cash-strapped team paying $1.1 million for a bench warmer? For half that money I would have rather had Jason Pridie or Nick Evans, both since released, as reserves. At least they have a higher ceiling than Hairston. I know teams like to have that “veteran bat coming off the bench.” But I think that is overrated — a mediocre veteran is still mediocre.

I’m starting to wonder about this Sandy Alderson — hailed as a genius in some circles, or at least a very competent baseball man. He has yet to show it in his time with the Mets.

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