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Will Daniel Murphy Replace David Wright?

Are the Mets setting up Daniel Murphy to replace David Wright as the team’s third baseman?

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I have gone on record as saying I don’t think the Mets should ever trade Wright; instead, they should sign him to an extension right now. But that won’t happen, and the conventional wisdom is that Sandy Alderson might look to trade Wright at the July 31 deadline if he is doing well and the Mets are not.

If that horrible event does actually happen, who’s on third (no Abbott and Costello jokes, please)? It would have to be Murphy. I think Murphy will open up the season as the starting second baseman. He will be a whiz at the plate and a butcher in the field. Since two of his seasons have ended early with busted knees on plays at second, it is clear Murphy does not have a feel for the position.

He started out in the minors as a third baseman, and while I’m sure he was no Brooks Robinson out there, my guess is that he would be adequate. He proved while playing first base (where he was quite competent) that he can react well to balls hit right at him. He would get the same treatment on the other side of the field. Whether he can make the long throws remains to be seen.

I think this is why Alderson spurned offers for Murphy and Justin Turner during the off-season. Turner would slide into second if Wright is traded and Murphy moves to third.

I pray that this does not happen. Nothing against Murphy and Turner playing everyday, but if Wright goes, for whom do the fans root? Ronny Cedeno?

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