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David Wright Does NOT Win Gold Glove

First David Wright was robbed of being the National League starter at third base in the All-Star game; now he’s been robbed of the Gold Glove at the position. Chase Headley won the award.

david wright
David Wright doesn’t win Gold Glove.

This was by far Wright’s best defensive season. He made several sensational plays, and made virtually all of the routine ones. He has fixed the problem of making poor throws on easy plays when he had too much time. In last years he dropped his arm down, resulting in throws tailing away from the first baseman. He’s won the award twice before.

The awards were announced during an odd ESPN show Tuesday night. They had former Gold Glove winners there announcing the awards, but not the winners themselves. A couple of them appeared via satellite.

Strangely, R.A. Dickey was not one of the three announced finalists. He was excellent in the field and at least should have been one of the finalists, if not the winner.

Then again, many Gold Glove winners are oddities. Players often get by on reputation rather than who was the best fielder that particular season. No offense to Headley, who I’m sure is very good, but David Wright certainly deserved the award this year.

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