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Mets Get Protected 10th Pick in Draft

The Mets dropping three out of the final four games of the season to the Brewers has one positive consequence — it gives the Mets the 10th pick in next June’s amateur draft, which means if the Mets sign a premium free agent, they will not have to surrender the pick.

Mets also looking good at 10!

The top 10 picks are protected. The Mets had the 11th pick in this year’s draft, and that was one reason they did not sign Michael Bourn; they did not want to lose the valuable pick.

The Mets, Brewers, Blue Jays and Rockies actually finished with identical 74-88 records, so they are tied for the eighth, ninth 10th and 11th picks (actually 12th, since the Jays have an additional pick at 11 for failing to sign their pick this season). According to MLB Trade Rumors, when teams are tied, their 2012 record is used as the tie-breaker — the team with the worse record picks first. Last year the Jays and Rockies had worse records than the Mets, so they pick before them. The Brewers had a better record, so they pick behind the Mets, leaving the Mets with pick number 10.

So now they are free to sign a free agent and keep the pick. Of course, now Sandy Alderson cannot use it as an excuse for failing to sign a big bat like he did last time.

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