Video: Roger McDowell vs. Gregg Jefferies

You know how Keith Hernandez still groans every time the name of Gregg Jefferies comes up during Mets broadcasts? Well, Keith is apparently not alone in his hatred for the one-time Mets phenom.

Jefferies made the last out of the final home game of the 1989 season against Roger McDowell, who had been traded to the Phillies a few months earlier (along with Lenny Dykstra for Juan Samuel, one of the worst and most puzzling trade in Mets history). It looks like McDowell said something to Jefferies as he ran to first. Upon reaching the base, Jefferies made a quick about-face and made a bee-line for the mound, where McDowell was waiting with fists clenched.

Both benches cleared. It must have killed the Mets to have to defend the apparently disliked Jefferies against the beloved McDowell. But they did.


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