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Everth Cabrera or Ruben Tejada?

It is a simple question — would you trade Ruben Tejada for Everth Cabrera? Of course you would, especially if they are making about the same money. However, you do not run the Mets. Sandy Alderson does, and he apparently would not make that deal.

ruben tejada
Ruben Tejada is somehow still a Met.

For some reason the Mets tendered Tejada a contract and ended up settling with him for $1.88 million. Cabrera was a free agent who had a hard time finding a team. That is because he had a crummy 2014. Oh, and he served a 50-game suspension in 2013 due to his role in the Biogenesis scandal. Oh, and he was picked up in the off-season for allegedly driving under the influence of marijuana and resisting arrest. He ended up signing with the Orioles last week for $2.4 million.

Clearly Cabrera is a risk. Tejada, however, is not a risk — you know he is going to be terrible. Given the fact that they are making similar money, wouldn’t you rather take a chance with Cabrera? He is only 28 years old and was an All-Star in 2013 before the suspension.

Perhaps Cabrera was a PED creation. But maybe he’s not. If the Mets were going to spend around $2 million for a shortstop, Cabrera would have been a better buy than Tejada.

But this goes towards Alderson’s lack of creativity and utter refusal to take even the slightest risk. He knows Tejada, so he re-signed him, even though he has been nothing but a disappointment during his Mets career. Maybe Everth Cabrera would have been a disappointment as well, but it was a risk with potential upside. There is no upside with Ruben Tejada; everybody knows that, except for Sandy Alderson, apparently.

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