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Blogging Mets Exclusive: Matt Harvey Leaves Twitter

Well, it’s only exclusive because I happened to notice it and didn’t see it reported anywhere else. But it appears Matt Harvey has left Twitter. Again.

A search of his Twitter handle, @MattHarvey33, tells us “the user does not exist.” It used to exist, as recently as a couple of weeks ago at least.

Perhaps Harvey got tired of reading how terrible he is. Mets fans can turn on their heroes after a few bad outings, and they have done that with Harvey. Maybe Tuesday night’s gem will quiet the critics and bring Harvey back to social media.

This is not the first time Harvey has deactivated his Twitter account. Last year he posted his infamous middle finger photo, and the Mets asked him to delete it. He responded by deleting his entire account, only to come back a short time later.

So Matt Harvey will probably come back to Twitter. In the meantime, Blogging Mets has its first “exclusive!”

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