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Should Mets Re-Sign Bartolo Colon?

There is talk that the Mets are interested in possibly bringing back Bartolo Colon for another year. I say if the price is right, why not?

bartolo colon
Should Mets re-sign Bartolo Colon?

Colon has been a reasonably effective pitcher for the Mets over the past two seasons. He won 29 games, but he also lost 26. His ERA of 4.13 is high is this age of dominant pitching, but it is not terrible. Perhaps most importantly, he showed in the post-season that he can pitch out of the bullpen.

That will be crucial because the Mets could use Colon as a starter until mid-season, when Zack Wheeler is due back. Then he would have to go to the pen.

Colon is also said to be a positive influence in the clubhouse and is fun to watch in general.

The most I think the Mets should pay for Bartolo Colon would be $5 million. That would be a hefty pay cut from the $11 million he made in 2015, so it unlikely Colon would take it. But he will turn 43 in May, and if he likes the team and thinks it has a chance to go back to the World Series, he might be willing to accept it. And besides, it’s not like a pitcher who has made nearly $100 million in his career will have to go on food stamps anytime soon.

For this to happen, the Mets would have to trade Jonathon Niese and his $9 million 2016 salary. There is no way the Mets can carry two multi-million dollar swingmen on the roster. That’s easier said than done, but it is possible.

In any case, we may get to see Bartolo Colon pitch, as well as attempt to hit and run the bases, for another year.

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